Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yeah for Car Seat Straps!

Who doesn't like cute baby items!? I know that I love least when my kids were babies. I am trying my hardest to appeal to all kinds of people of kind of person wants the best for kids? MOMS!  Whether you have something for a day or keep it until it's falling apart, you get what you think is cute b/c babies don't have any say in the matter. This is the area where mommies get to be creative and shop around for newest, trendiest and cutest item that everyone else is going to go gah-gah over...

Oh you know it's true! I have been coming up with some really neat car accessories. The first was an adult seatbelt shoulder strap.
cute huh?? I can make all kinds of them with different patterns!

Then I started to look them up and found that there were more baby car seat neck/shoulder straps so then I went shopping!

So that's what I have so far, but there are a couple more patterns in my Etsy Store. Check it out! Lots of goodies and lots more to come!
Happy Thursday everyone!


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