Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Toddler Maxi Skirt

I had been wanting to make a toddler maxi for sometime and finally decided that it was time to do so. Well, I got the fabric, unfolded it and saw that I didn't have enough! Yikes! So I sewed it in tiers. 2 tiers to be exact. My daughter wears a 5T right now and she is so long, but after seeing that I really didn't have enough fabric to make a proper maxi, I improvised. It's a completely straight cut. Not flowing like every girl would like their maxi to be, but she still thought it was pretty and wanted to wear it to play in. Unfortunately for her, I'm not a mother that just allows their kids to play in whatever they want. She had to take it off so that she could play. it is!
She is a little diva!

As stretchy as a jersey knit is, I still had to sew a slit up the back so that she could move a little more freely. It's for sure not perfect, but it was a fun 20 minute project.


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