Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Diaper Bag

I got an email the other from a lady that was actually referred to me by one of my very good friends. She was looking for a medium sized diaper bag, but she wasn't really sure what exactly she was wanting as far as well...anything. We went back and forth for almost a full day sending pictures and descriptions and dimensions...etc...when she finally emailed me one last time with exactly what she wanted. So I went to joanns the next day and got all my supplies, or at least the supplies that I didn't already have. I love going to the fabric store, but it is way too tempting to buy everything I see that I believe is cute. I try to get in and get out before I make myself go broke! Anyway. I had recently done a messenger back put up by Crazy Little Projects. It turns out that it was the perfect size for what my customer was wanting. So we went with a grey chevron with a teal solid print accent color.
It turned out too cute! I love the color pop!
She also wanted one side pocket for a zippy cup. Now I have to admit that this was my first tapered/elastic job, but it turned out excellent!
It wasn't too hard. I did end up doing it twice though. My husband made me go to bed last night so as I laying in bed, all I could think about was measurements. What I originally planned to do was for sure not going to work. I had to make the pocket bigger. Well, as you can see, it worked!

The inside, she wanted 4 pockets. I did 2 tapered pockets and 2 sleeve pockets.
Perfect for diapers and wipes! Tapered pockets take time though! My goodness!
And lastly, she didn't want the flap which was perfectly fine with me. That made it a little easier for me, but she did want a snap shut. I always use the magnetic snaps just because they are easier to install and initially, they DO look classier.
I wanted the bag to be a little more open so I made a snap tab instead of just putting both sides of the snap in the lining.

Since the cotton I used for the lining is quilting fabric, I interfaced it with a fusible flex interfacing for durability and stability. As I was finishing today though, I almost forgot the fusible fleece interfacing for the body! Good thing I remembered. That would have been a major overhaul of a redo. I have a love/hate relationship with my seam ripper. 

Oh is my first messenger bag with the flap!
It was a super fun project and really made a good diaper bag as well.

Have a happy Wednesday!


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