Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Decluttering my Life

As I browse Pinterest, I seem to find a lot of links to other blogs that involve decluttering and/or organizing your closet, kitchen, bedroom, LIFE, etc...And they are always from these organizing gurus that have been at it for quite sometime and really know what they are doing. I love be organized and love to shed my crap, but really...sometimes it really just seems almost impossible b/c where the heck to you really start to declutter and take back your life. In the age that we live in, we just have stuff. We have stuff in drawers and stuff on our floors. Stuff here and stuff there. We just have a bunch of useless stuff, and if you are like me, you want to just throw it all away and start over. Doesn't that get expensive though? Don't you just end up sometimes buying the same thing that you just threw out!?! Decluttering is hard, time-consuming and not very practical for day to day living b/c you have better things to do than take time to just go through your crap.

We move a lot so I have found that we don't have just a bunch of useless stuff, but we have enough to be a little irritating. Our homes aren't always the biggest so there hasn't been a lot of room to put, well, anything. We have a few big pieces of furniture, but we aren't decked out. We have a couch, a dining room table and 3 beds. Everything else is just throw away crap/furniture that will go elsewhere when it comes time to move again. But as I really start to look around, I find that I have accumulated more than I thought. We still have full boxes out in the shed of things that I need, just not right now. When you don't know when or where you are going next, it's just pointless to unpack everything you own. Unpack the things that you use day to day and that will work.

I should have taken a before picture of the shed, but I was too anxious to get in there so here is the after!
Nice and neat right?? Trust me...It wasn't like that yesterday. Here is my get rid box(es)
No matter what, I am getting rid of the stuff in these boxes. I don't care if I have to donate them or just throw it all away. I don't NEED this stuff. 

So there you go. Day 1 of decluttering! Have a happy Tuesday :)


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