Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Busy Little Bee

Oh my goodness! I have neglected my blog, but for good reason! I have so busy with projects, it has almost been unbelievable! On top of that, we are moving across the country in less than 10 days, and I still have a ton of packing to do! So here is what I have been up to! Enjoy!
The laundry hamper was a great project, and my sister loved it! The shirt quilt was good learning for me. I am not very good at binding! This project was a lady who recently lost her father and wanted to keep him close. The top part is his shirts and I backed it with a no-pill fleece.

 I love everything about the fold over clutch! It's great for out on the town or even everyday use. I am also loving the color combo experiments!

This is the reversible bag. Need I say more!?! This one is mine. I couldn't part with it once I made it. It's too cute and just perfect for me :)

Diaper bags galore! I have made 4 (maybe 5) bags since my first messenger bag. Did I mention that they were ALL made to order!? I couldn't love my job anymore than I already do. The last one that I made, she wanted a matching changing pad. Again, I am not very good at binding, so I did my best to cover that up ;)

My other sister asked me if I could make a backpack. When someone asks me if I can make something..."CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" This was not an east project. It took my all day. I found a great tutorial. Everything about it was very clear (except for the measurements!) I ended up having to take half of it apart to fix some things that I couldn't live with! After I made this one, she asked if I could one for her son, so that is on the books, but it may just have to wait til after our move.

This is the 6qt. kitchen aid cover. I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to make this, but came up short. After thinking about it, it was rather simple. So simple, that I should have been able to figure it out sooner than I did. My customer loved it :)

And curtains! Oh boy! My favorite, honestly! I love measurements and lines and pressing and getting things perfect, so I actually love doing curtains. 6 panels, 3 sets and all 3 sets different lengths. They wanted them to match up in the middle as much as possible, and I think that was achieved. I love the way they wanted the straps also. I just can't wait to get a picture of them actually hanging up!

So to say that I have been busy is quite a bit of an understatement. It's been extreme business, but I'm not stopping! I have more to share, but I have lots to do today!

Happy Hump Day :)


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