Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Easy Sunday Afternoon

I started a new project yesterday with the intentions of finishing it today, but I got 2 orders yesterday that I wanted to finish to get out Monday. I fully succeeded :) As soon as I posted the Fold Over clutch, I got an order for one with a wrist strap.
I wasn't sure how tricky the strap was going to be since there is a fold over part to the clutch, but it was easier placement than I thought.

Then there is the special order zippered chevron teal and yellow pouch/clutch. I am so glad that I had enough fabric to do this project. I'm about to run out of certain patterns that goes with other patterns that I have. Does that tell you how much I sit at my sewing machine!?! it is!

I love my MADE IN THE USA tags that I got here.

I added a fusible fleece interfacing to this one for stability, and I really like that I did that. I feels like a better quality product. I always want to make sure that my customer is happy :)

As for my current project that I have not finished yet, maybe tomorrow. I think that my kids want my attention. Have a happy day!


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